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About FutureWard Central

[Partners of FutureWard Central] – SOFOS Design

[Partners of FutureWard Central] – SOFOS Design

[Partners of FutureWardCentral] – SOFOS Design Build (contractor liaison, private offices, reception desk, overall layout & CAD drafting)

– We often get asked who designed our space? In typical startup fashion, much of it was poorly sketched out between myself and Dan over many Sunday afternoons at the coffeeshop. But as much as we wanted to do it all ourselves, we also knew the value of expertise from professionals, and relied on the experience of many friends and family when needed. In these series of notes, we highlight some stories on how FutureWard Central came to be and the key partners who helped us on the way.-

We met Sophie Chen in April of 2016 and although she was only here for the summer, she quickly became an invaluable asset to the renovation of FutureWard Central. A LEED AP and builder based in San Diego, California, Sophie was also the designer behind Ansir, a coworking space in SD, so could easily relate to the kind of space we wanted to create. For the majority of the space, from meeting rooms to offices to coworking spaces, Sophie had the unenviable task of producing the construction drawings and liaising with the contractors. Being a complete renovation, trying to fit all the pieces we wanted together with the mechanical services, lighting, etc. was no easy task. But Sophie did it and we are all very grateful!


Meeting Room sketch (copyright Sophie Chen)



early 3D render of office frontage (copyright Sophie Chen)

Also a proponent of green design, Sophie agreed with our idea of retaining/reusing building material where we could. This retention maximized the use of existing materials and infrastructure, reduces waste, and preserves the historic character of an existing building.  As we stripped back the traditional hotel interior, Sophie helped in deciding which areas would need to be dressed up again, and which could be exposed for an industrial feel.


Reusing carpet as wall insulation and ceiling absorption


exposed original brick wall

Sophie also has some great ideas for the coworking space which we are still holding onto with the intention of realizing them in the future. Hopefully, she and her family will be moving back to Taiwan in the near future and will rejoin us at FutureWard Central.

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